ESPI is Here!

Empty Spaces Project Inc (ESPI) Logo

The Empty Space Project Inc (ESPI) is a regional micro economic development initiative based in Mildura, Victoria and is governed by an elected board of volunteers who have a passion for community and economic development in Sunraysia.

ESPI aims to match fledgling entrepreneurs with currently empty commercial spaces in central business districts across the Mildura local government area, on free thirty day rolling access licenses.

By reducing the cost and risk of experimentation, more people try more things, encouraging not only economic growth but also cultural and creative innovation. 
The benefits for the owners of vacant commercial properties are endless.

Similar projects in Newcastle, Adelaide and Melbourne have reduced the number of long term commercial rental vacancies and have provided much needed foot traffic and patronage for surrounding businesses.

If you or a group have a creative small business idea that you think could work in a currently empty commercial space, we would love to hear from you. All the information you need to put forward a proposal is available here on our website. 
While you are here, why not check out the creative small businesses that are currently trading from ESPI sites all over the region.

Proud Partner

Phoenix Online is proud to be a sponsor of ESPI. The new website (located at is the product of a great deal of work by the volunteers and vendors involved with the Empty Space Project Inc, as well as a 100% sponsorship on the website development.

This includes the customised multi-vendor platform, which allows each “shop” to have their own product page on the ESPI website – not only allowing them to showcase their wares to the world, but actually sell them!